Cesarean Birth

Cesarean birth also known as a C-Section is the path that many women chose to have their baby.  The reason for choosing  a cesarean birth may be a maternal or fetal health concern or a mothers preference as a way she feels most comfortable having her baby be born.  No matter what reason you may have for choosing a cesarean birth ,we at the growing place can help support your on your journey through motherhood.  Mothers who chose a cesarean have special individual needs that at the growing place we understand and have services to meet your unique needs.

Cesarean Birth Services Include:

Cesarean Birth Doula Packages-  These packages are customized to fit your needs as your prepare for your little ones birth day.  They include options like prenatal preparation, hospital support, postpartum visits, massage,  placenta encapsulation, classes and more.

Massage: Let our massage therapist keep you comfortable and relaxed through out your pregnancy and speed up healing once your little one arrives, with prenatal and postpartum massage options.  

Chiropractic Consultation: Meet with a chiropractor to discuss how chiropractic care can keep you and your baby healthy and feeling great through out your pregnancy and beyond.

Mama to Be Essentials Gift Bag: Get this amazing gift bag filled with everything you and your baby needs through pregnancy and postpartum.  This gift bag is filled with Earth Mama Angel Baby organic products just for you and your little one to make your firt few weeks after birth even better.  

Postpartum and Baby Care Classes: Learn with to expect from your body and baby after your baby is born.  This class helps you learn about and make a plan for the special days once you and your baby are home.

Breastfeeding Classes and Consults: Classes and consults are done by a board certified IBCLC.  Let us help you get your breastfeeding relationship off to the best start possible with breastfeeding classes and one on one consultations.  

Placenta Encapsulation and more: Placenta encapsulation benefits are extremely helpful for a mom who has a surgical birth experience.  Some of the benefits are increased milk production, increased iron levels, mood elevation, and reduction in swelling and inflammation.   Please see our Placenta page for more information and services for you and your baby's placenta.

Mom and Baby Yoga: Join other new mothers in their journey of healing as well as bond to your new baby with mom and baby yoga.  Jump start the road to healing and get your post baby body back as you enjoy special bonding time with your baby.  

Cesarean Birth families are special and need support just as much of not more sometimes than families choosing a vaginal birth route.  Please Contact us to learn how The Growing Place can best support your growing family.