What is a birth doula? 

A doula is a trained professional who specializes in the physical and emotional support of the pregnant and laboring woman. By spending the time to get to know you, your partner and your family, we seek to provide you information, resources and support to achieve the birth that you have been envisioning. Because we spend so much time navigating the local birth scene, we can help you understand what to expect at different birth settings and with different care providers.

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How can a birth doula help me? 

Studies of doula-assisted births worldwide show a decrease in:

  • Cesarean birth by 51%

  • Pitocin use by 71%

  • Narcotics use by 35%

  • Foreceps use by 57%

  • Length of labor by 98 minutes

  • Forecep/vacuum extraction use by 32%

Even among the best-educated and best-supported women in North America, the latest studies show that having a doula decreases:

  • Cesarean birth by 21%

  • Forceps/vacuum extraction use by 32%

  • Epidural use by 16%


Effects on birth outcomes 

Eleven studies have shown the following effects associated with doula support:

Effects on labor:

  • Labors are shorter

  • There are fewer complications  

  • The number of cesarean births is reduced 

  • There is less need for pitocin to speed up labor

  • Use of forceps is reduced 

  • Women request less pain medication and epidurals

Effects on the mother:

  • Greater satisfaction with childbirth

  • More positive assessments of their babies

  • Less postpartum depression

Effects on the baby:

  • Babies have shorter hospital stays and fewer admissions to special care nurseries

  • Babies breastfeed more successfully

  • Mothers are more affectionate toward their babies postpartum

Effects on the health care system: 

  • The cost of obstetrical care is dramatically reduced

  • Women are pleased with the personalized care doulas offer

Birth Doula Service options

Birth Doula

Our basic doula services start with a free consultation with two doulas who will be there to support you through your pregnancy, labor and postpartum period.  We offer two one on one appointments before your baby is born to discus your birth vision and address any questions and concerns you have about your pregnancy, labor and postpartum period. You have unlimited access to our monthly group prenatal gathering with doulas and other expecting families. Our services also include phone text and email support prior to labor.  Once you are in labor we will personally support you in your home, hospital, birth center or where ever you have chosen to labor. Our birth doulas will give you continued support  from the time you are ready for us to join you until approximately and hour or two after your baby is born.  We have four packages that also include many of our services such as postpartum doula services, placenta services and classes.  These services can also be added on a la cart.  


Birth Doula Distance services

Distance doula services are particularly helpful for : Couples who wish to have The Growing Place Doulas by their side during pregnancy and birth but are out of our physical supported area, clients who will have the support friends or loved ones during labor, but would still prefer to have access to the information and support a Growing Place Doula can provide; Couples who prefer services over the phone or skype for convenience; Mothers who are familiar with giving birth but would like information on how to improve their experience and a professional sounding board available as they go though labor and birth; and those who would like additional support and information at a lower cost.

With distance services you will still get personal doula care at group prenatal gatherings, over the phone or by Skype to put together your birth vision, and go over any issues or concerns you may have. Distance Childbirth Education and Yoga Birth Method instruction can be added on for an additional fee. You will have phone and Skype access to a doula during your labor and birth as well as postpartum support for up to two weeks postpartum over phone or Skype.  

Please contact us to learn more about distance doula services and to see if they are a right fit for you.  


Just In Time Doula Services

These services are for mothers who may have considered a doula too late in pregnancy. Sometimes mothers feel labor would be easier or shorter than it becomes, or felt prepared for labor without a doula but found the process to be more complicated than they expected. Sometimes in labor mothers fined the need for trained experienced labor support but think it is too late, normally that is true. Our Just in Time Services supply a laboring mother with five hours of last minute in person support from a birth doula. Services start at $400, additional hours can be added for an hourly charge. These services do not include prenatal planning, pregnancy, early labor support, choice of doula, or postpartum support. This service is not recommended for first time moms.


Not Sure You Can Afford a Birth Doula?

Please inquire about payment plans and options.  We want to work with you and your finances to get you the support you need and the birth experience you are looking for.