Did you hear who is encapsulating their placenta?

            Placenta encapsulating celebrity mommas are making headlines left and right these days. But what about us normal folks? Who of us is taking placenta capsules? You may be surprised at the “types” of mothers that are choosing placenta encapsulation for their postpartum wellbeing.

            The preconceptions about placenta encapsulation are that it is only for granola making, hippie earth mothers. And the person preparing the placenta must be just as crunchy and out there! Well I am here to debunk those myths. I am a dental hygienist turned doula and placenta specialist. I've always loved science and appreciate modern medicine. I also believe our bodies have the ability to heal themselves with very minimal intervention.

            If I have a head ache, I'm going to drink water and eat something before I go running for the ibuprofen. If you can correct small imbalances in your body by taking a capsule of your own powdered placenta instead of a prescription drug that may affect your new baby, would you?

            In my experience as a placenta specialist, I've served moms who do fit the above stereotype, however most of them don't fall into that category at all. Many are either trying to avoid an issue they've had in a previous postpartum period, such as low milk supply, iron deficiency or baby blues. Others are thinking long term and what something to help with PMS symptoms when their cycle returns or to help balance hormones when menopause hits. I’ve encapsulated for families that really run the gamut – marathon runners, lawyers, stay at home moms, nurses, teachers – there really isn’t one specific category that all of them fall in to!

         Whatever your reasons are for considering placenta encapsulation, just remember: there are plenty of moms just like you doing it and raving about the results!

         In the comments section, tell us what your number 1 reason is for considering encapsulation!

Did your dog lick my placenta?

Are you the type of person who is extra sweet to your waitress because you fear what will happen if you aren't?! Have you considered having your placenta encapsulated but you're hesitant to commit because you can't ensure the process is up to your standards? Then, my dear, you are in the right place!

Most encapsulation specialists have a dedicated work space within their own home for preparation, but not me. I don't ever bring another persons internal organs into my home. What if I turn my back and my dog chews on it or my husband thinks its dinner and digs in? NO WAY! I only prepare placentas in your home.

Let me tell you why:

  • You (or a family member) bring your placenta home from the hospital-- you have peace of mind that you won't be ingesting anyone else's placenta mistakenly!
  • You have the option to watch and ask questions during the process
  • Although my sanitation practices meet all food handlers safety guidelines, your body is used to the microorganisms living in your home. Therefore, it is less risk of contamination when the placenta is being prepared in your space. This ensures your safety!

My favorite part of preparing your placenta in your home is the interaction. Even the most uninterested, squeamish dads/family members inevitably end up in the kitchen with me at some point, asking questions and taking it all in! If this level on control appeals to you, then give us a call!