Welcoming Dr. Genevieve Mercier, D.C.

We are pleased to announce that beginning in September, The Growing Place will become home to Premier Chiropractic and Dr. Genevieve Mercier. We are thrilled at this addition to our family and are certain Genevieve's passion for serving women and children will benefit our community and the families we serve!

Dr. Genevieve Mercier graduated from Parker University in Dallas, Texas with her Doctorate of Chiropractic and BS in Health and Wellness. Premier Chiropractic sets itself apart by focusing on Neuro-Spinal Correction. She has a passion for prenatal care and pediatrics. Dr. Mercier is certified in Webster's Technique from the ICPA, has additional training in prenatal and pediatric care through the ICPA, and is a proud partner of the American Pregnancy Association. She is looking forward to opening her new practice in Emmaus on September 8th and to serve her new community.

To learn more about Dr. Mercier or to schedule an appointment, visit her website at www.premierchiropa.com!