Ooops, I Missed Your Birth, My Bad!

     Hiring a labor doula, while very beneficial, is a luxury not a necessity. You are paying for a service to enhance your birth experience and you expect a professional to provide this service. So what happens when your doula doesn't make it in time? Babies are unpredictable and can come without warning, so choosing a doula that is in close proximity to where you plan on birthing is vital to ensuring you receive the support you expect. Even in cases where baby is born rapidly and mom may have not needed hours of labor support a birth doula will be there to help ease the anxiety of a fast labor.  Birth doulas will come to you ASAP at whatever location baby was delivered, either it be at your desired location or a different location like your home,  another hospital or someplace even more unexpected.  They will keep you and your family informed and engaged with your medical staff during that time of confusion and fear.   

            The labor doulas of The Growing Place all live right here in the Lehigh Valley. It’s our goal to never have a doula farther than 15 minutes from any hospital in the Leigh Valley. Labor can go from 0 to “WOW this is intense where is my doula?” in a matter of minutes.  Your doula team stays in constant contact with you as you labor and when you decide you are ready for hands on support, we can be there quickly.

            Many doulas may travel up to 2 hours to support a mom in labor, but not The Growing Place. When you call, we are prepared and ready to support you, regardless of where you are in the Lehigh Valley. We match you with the labor doula team that will not only be able to connect with you professionally but who are close to your birthing facility, geographically. If your doula does not live within 30 minutes of your home or birthing facility, you may want to rethink hiring them, it could mean not being fully supported during your labor and birth.